How to Register a Domain Name For Free in Google?

Recently Google has created its own registration service where people can register for their own personal domains. Therefore now people can use Google to register a domain name for free the same way they would through domains like GoDaddy. If you are already the owner of a domain and website then getting registered with Google will increase your traffic immensely.

You start off with purchasing a domain through Google. You visit the Google domains website, where you can buy the domain name directly from Google. The service provided by Google is pretty much like other services such as 1&1, GoDaddy other domain registration firms. If you already have a registered website you can skip this part.

Think about using a google dedicated account. It is preferable to use your personal account to create your domain, thus all the administration work regarding your domain can be done through the google account. If there are more people managing the domain you can make an account that can be shared.

Once the above instructions are followed, you can then use the Google domain search tools to find the domain name that you wish to purchase. There are various domain extensions available on Google domains such as .net, .org, .co etc. Then Google will show you whether or not the domain name is available. While looking for a domain name click on the add extension option to get the greatest variety of domain names available.

As soon as choose the domain name that you would wish to buy you can add it to the shopping cart. Once you are ready to checkout you can open the cart and select the “proceed to checkout option.” Google domains usually have a free private registration that secures your personal information. During this stage make sure that you choose the option of securing your information.

After you choose the domain name that you want and proceed to checkout, choose the payment method and Google domains will link it to the wallet account that you have set up. A debit card or credit card will be needed to buy the domain. And the minimum payment for the domain is one year.

Once you have created your domain name you can choose your web preference. Google domains itself offers different programs that can help increase the traffic to a website or it provides tools that a user can use as well.

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